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Rural Women's Project

CAWIRAN members believe in stewardship of our planet. It is therefore, our responsibility to educate and act to promote the sustainable use, management and conservation of our resources.

The importance of mountain issues has been recognized by the international community as one of the world's most vulnerable bio-geographical areas susceptible to land degradation, having variable climates, heterogeneous habitats often with the unique fauna and flora.

We need to take into account the uncertainty of this fragile environment to save critical biodiversity. Many global and regional strategies identify mountains as a priority ecosystem within the overall sphere/theme of biodiversity. For this reason, we have partnered with Shahrnaz Village Coop & Rural Development Company for our projects which focus on the following:

Tree Planting Program
Our projected goal for 2007 as part of this annual program is the planting of an additional 650 trees.
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UN billion Tree Campaign

Herbal Medicine Training

Water & Waste Management

Organic Agriculture

Honey Production


Under development: EcoTourism: Guided Hiking and Fishing
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Rural Women's Project 
Sustainable Development
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