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The tulip garden at Gachsar
The Tulip Gardens at Gachsar

From left to right: Farhod, Kayvan, Manouch (the director of the Sharhnaz Village Coop), & Pouran


This beautiful sleepy village is located at Km 50 of Chaloos Road. It is inhabited by 680 people, 327 of which are women. The village also contains a palace built in the early 1900''s as a summer palace for one of the Qajar kings.


is located at Km 35 of Chaloos Road. It contains beautiful gardens and a shrine for Imamzadeh Ibrahim, whose exact lineage and dates are unknown.


is located at Km 68 of Chaloos Road. The village contains a palace built by Reza Shah during the construction of Kandevan tunnel in the 1930's which currently serves a hotel.


is located at Km 52 of Chaloos Road. The village contains the remains of a fort dating back to Saljuq period.





Leilestan is located at Km 35 of Chaloos Road and possesses beautiful natural scenery.




Dizin and Gajereh

possess great ski slopes during the winter months where skiers can enjoy the rare combination of good snow and a moderate climate on most days.

skiing  Skiing 




is a tiny village located at Km 53 of Chaloos Road which contains a mausoleum dating back to the Mongol period some 700 years ago.



Here is a model of the library under construction in Koushk.

model of  library now under construction

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